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Dear Clients and Associates, It Needs to Be Said

I know a lot of you - our customers, partners and others who do business with us - are really upset and frustrated right now. I completely understand why. You’re right, you deserve better.

Most businesses would keep quiet in times like these out of fear of potential legal challenges. But I believe in being transparent and growing our community. I want to help people when they need it. I take huge risks doing it because I value supporting others over a slight chance of a lawsuit. Because that’s the world I want to live in. I’m sure most of you do too.

In short, I am your ally.

I’m Your Ally and I Stand By You

We live in a society that upholds the rule of law. We’re able - and it’s our civic duty - to hold those who do harmful things accountable.

Some of you may know that there was a solar company that disappeared nearly overnight in 2022 abandoning hundreds, if not thousands, of Albertans, taking their money with them. I heard that they went bankrupt, others told me the owner embezzled money. I really wasn’t sure what happened.

We were subcontracted by that company to do some of their projects. We were out a lot of money when they vanished. Most of the client’s were left with unfinished projects. We could have filed

a builder’s lien and recovered the money directly from the customer. 99% of companies would have. But to me the answer was obvious. This wasn’t their fault, they were the victims. We should help each other. So our lawyer and I came up with a way to have the client transfer the job to us. Their job got completed, and we got p

aid. In case this company ever reawakens as a zombie and goes looking for their brains and maybe money from former clients, we signed an indemnity agreement to protect those clients.

Have you ever heard of something like that?

Before I started this company I was a counsellor in homeless shelters and psychiatric units. Now I volunteer to help victims of narcissistic abuse. I’ve devoted my life to helping people. I’m not going to stop now.

The Attackers Meant for Origin Energy to Disappear

This year and culminating in the past three weeks, Origin Energy was the subject of a sustained attack by outside and inside parties. These parties were diverting leads and jobs from the company and directly stealing from it. They achieved this by penetrating our computer systems and monitoring my and my wife’s computers and phones, and even our young son’s tablet. They also intercepted and diverted much of my phone and email communications.

When I figured this out, they launched a concerted cyber attack that took out websites, businesses systems and even our home network and all our computers and devices. They took money from of our bank accounts, fraudulently charged our credit cards and ran up wholesale

accounts illegally. They even sent a thug to pound on our door and threaten my 6 year old son.

I had almost no phone or internet access for 3 weeks. And, as an act of sabotage, they destroyed all our data (until it’s restored from backup). You may be fr

ustrated, but I’m frustrated too! I worked 20 hour days for the past 3 weeks. I did it for my family, for the company, and I did it for you. I have a lot of compassion for everyone who has been affected. So I fought like heck and, within a few weeks and with the help of some friends, I undressed a sophisticated group that had had many months to lay their traps.

This is a Very Serious Matter that has Cripple our Ability to Operate

Calgary Police are investigating and are taking this seriously. Some of them seemed annoyed because I've prioritized you, my clients and business associates. I wanted to make sure that I was back online and that you knew how to reach me. I've shouldered as much of this myself as I could to minimize the hit on you. But fully sorting this out will take time.

If you have been affected, you know who did this to you. Maybe it’s a different person for each of you. But you know who it was, and you know it wasn't me. Now let’s focus on working together so we can hold bad people accountable. Because...

Together we can Power Brighter Communities.

PS. The perpetrators of this are nobodies in the big scheme. I've fried much bigger fish before. Join me and together we'll help make the world a better place.


Jason Gravelle

Founder and Chief Visionary

Origin Energy and enBloc

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