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l'm Sorry We Failed You

I started this company because I'm passionate about sustainability and having a positive impact on the world. I highly value helping people, especially those who are less fortunate.

I wanted to run a business differently and show the world that even a small company can be apart of big change.

Our Service hasn't Been Good

I now realize that the many if not most of our recent customers have received less than ideal service. I also realize that many customers have been repeatedly trying to contact us and felt abandoned and ignored.

I am Very Sorry we Failed - I Promise We weren't Ignoring You.

I sincerely apologize for all the disruption, delays and lack of communication. I sincerely didn't know our service had these problems. For months, many of your attempts to contact us never reached our team due to a cyber intrusion. However, as the founder and leader of this company, it is my job to ensure I have brought on the right people with the right skills, so we can deliver on our commitments to you and hold those accountable if they don't.

I apologize that I failed you. I will learn and I will grow. Going forward I'll ensure that we will always deliver on our promises and hold the those accountable that don't.


Jason Gravelle

Founder, President and Chief Visionary Officer

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