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Temporarily Ceased Operations

We recently experienced a devastating cyber attack that locked Origin's team out of key software systems for nearly 2 weeks.

Email, Website and Phone Systems Down (Please Excuse this Quickly-Built Site)

We've been unable to access our emails, phone systems or any other services through which you could contact us.

We Weren't Ignoring You!

Our team has been working diligently to restore access. Also, it looks like for several months leading up to the attack, filters had been set up to prevent us from receiving some emails. If you felt we were not responding to your inquiries, I can assure you we sincerely did not receive your communications. We will follow through on all of our commitments, projects and ensure all of our clients are taken care of.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Calgary Police Are Investigating

Given the severity of the attack, police are investigating. ​At this time it is unknown what if any information has been accessed. We will inform any customers that have been impacted as details become available.

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